Planning a vacation?

Planning a vacation can be an extremely time-consuming and emotionally draining job, especially with the millions of choices on the Internet today! How confident are you that you have adequate information to decide from the myriad of options and prices? One way is to utilize the professional resources of Travel Leaders - Thomas Hogan Travel, and by using the services of your own personal Destination Agent!

Every travel agent has access to similar resources, but only experience and training can assure you that the options you are being given have been thoroughly researched. That's what sets our service apart from all the other options!

We can help you with everything from a weekend getaway at a Bed-and-Breakfast in your home state to an African Safari. If you are traveling with a group or just planning for one, give us a try. We can make reservations for you with airlines, car rental companies, hotels, trains, tour companies, cruise lines, and any other travel-related company. Send us your travel request by filling out our short form. We promise a prompt response!

Tell us what you need and we'll get you the best price possible!